๐ŸŽ†Worker Rewards

In the Elumicate Network, worker allocation plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability and efficiency of the network. The allocation of workers is based on specific tasks and the amount of work accomplished by each worker. The goal is to distribute rewards fairly among the workers based on their contributions.

During the network's inception, each input stream or camera feed is initially allocated one worker. However, as the network progresses and evolves, additional workers can be acquired through various means such as data mining, ownership of NFTs, and token staking.

The allocation of workers may change over time, driven by advancements in data mining efficiency and decreasing hardware costs. For example, as hardware miners become more powerful and cost-effective, they may be able to handle multiple camera streams simultaneously, leading to the allocation of multiple workers to a single miner.

Worker allocation can be determined by specific tasks or computational power. For instance, when a camera feed is on standby and ready to be mined, it may initially be allocated one worker. However, when the camera feed becomes actively mined for multiple tasks, such as firearm detection, wildlife tracking, traffic counting, speed detection, and parking space availability, it may receive additional workers proportional to the complexity and demand of the tasks being performed.

It is important to note that workers are rewarded based on their active and online participation. Workers only receive rewards when they are actively and consistently online, diligently carrying out their designated tasks. This ensures that rewards are distributed to workers who are actively contributing to the network's operations and discourages inactive or offline participation.

This dynamic allocation of workers and the reward system based on active and online participation promotes the stability and efficiency of the Elumicate Network. It optimizes data capture and processing while fairly rewarding the workers for their contributions, encouraging them to remain active and consistently engaged within the network.

By incorporating these principles of worker allocation and rewarding active participation, the Elumicate Network maximizes the utilization of its resources, enhances data accuracy, and fosters a dynamic and engaged community of participants who actively contribute to the network's success.

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