Smart Vision App

The Elumicate Smart Vision App can be used to manage devices, check network states, perform token transactions, and purchase NFTs
The portal can be accessed by navigating to: https://app.elumicate.com/ or by downloading the mobile app the device's App store.


The homepage displays information such as:
Global Stats (Displays total network metrics)
  • Total Network Members
  • Workers on the Network (more on workers here)
  • Accumulated Camera Time
  • Total Tokens Distribute
  • Hourly Rewards
  • Daily Rewards
Personal Stats (Displays personal user information)
  • My total workers
  • My NFTs
  • Rewards Earned
  • Accumulated Camera Time
Worker Stats (Breakdown of user's total workers)
  • Active Camera Workers
  • Offline Camera Workers
  • Active NFT Workers
  • Active Referral Workers
New Cameras can also be added from the homepage.


The Devices Screen allows the addition of new cameras and displays a map and list of already installed devices. Device changes are made through this screen.


The NFTs screen is used to view owned NFTs and to acquire new NFTs.


Reward balances and wallet addresses can be found in the Wallet screen.


The map screen displays locations where cameras are installed worldwide.
The sidebar menu contains the previously mentioned pages with the addition of:

Edit my profile

This is where changes to the personal profile are made. Changes include password, notification settings, or email addresses.

Refer a friend

This is the page that allows viewing of referral stats including number of signups and bonus worker counts.


This is a link to the Elumicate whitepaper, which explains the project in full details.


Used to log users out of the network