๐Ÿ“ฑMobile Device Camera

Mobile Devices can easily be added on to the network by following the steps below. Two devices will be required, one to create the camera streaming connection, and the other to onboard the camera.

On the Mobile Device that will stream the video

  1. Open your device browser and navigate to https://video.elumicate.com

  2. Click add your Camera

  3. Create a secure password Select your chosen source camera Select No Audio Click on Start

  4. Copy the streaming link on top of the page (this link will be required to onboard your camera in the next step). You can also click to save your settings for future use in case you close and restart the session.

Remember: this screen must stay open for continuous streaming. Dimming is okay, but don't turn off the screen or let your device sleep.

On your second device

  1. Open and log in to the Elumicate app either by visiting https://app.elumicate.com or alternatively by installing and opening the mobile app.

  1. In the Home page or Devices page, click Add New Camera and follow the steps for Onboarding a Camera in the app. The link you will provide during onboarding is the link you copied in step 4 above.

DISCLAIMER: Resource Consumption and Device Impact

When streaming from a mobile device, users should be aware of the associated device resource consumption.

  1. Continuous Operation: Elumicate Smart Vision is designed to have devices available to stream content for up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, it may lead to continuous consumption of device resources such as CPU, screen power, and battery life.

  2. Battery Consumption & Power Recommendation: For optimal performance we strongly recommend that users keep their devices plugged into a reliable power source at all times when using streaming is enabled on the device.

  3. Device Wear and Tear: Continuous operation can lead to increased wear and tear on your device. This includes potential screen burn-in, reduced battery lifespan, and increased thermal strain on device components.

  4. Performance Impact: Running Elumicate Smart Vision for prolonged periods may impact the performance of other applications and tasks on your device, due to increased CPU and memory usage.

  5. User Responsibility: It's the responsibility of the user to monitor their device's health and performance while utilizing the Elumicate Smart Vision app to stream. Adequate device cooling should be implemented if required.

  6. Limitation of Liability: Elumicate Inc. shall not be responsible for any damage, wear and tear, and/or reduced lifespan of a device resulting from the continuous or prolonged use. Users are advised to use the application responsibly and with awareness of its impact on their devices.

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