๐Ÿ“บFinding video access link (url)

Many cameras currently in production provide Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) support out of the box.

Follow these steps to find your camera's access URL.

Check tested cameras:

  1. Refer to the "Tested Cameras" section to see if your camera model is listed.

  2. If your camera model is listed, follow our provided setup directions. If not, keep reading.

Contact the manufacturer:

  1. Unsure if your camera supports RTSP streaming? Ask the manufacturer.

  2. Request the specific URL or link to access the camera's RTSP stream

Perform a web search: Try a web search using relevant search terms such as the camera manufacturer's name, model number, and keywords like "RTSP URL" or "RTSP link". For example, searching for "Reolink E1 Pro RTSP URL" should provide you with the main RTSP URL for that camera - "rtsp://admin:111111@".

Customize your URL: Once you've found the camera's default URL, customize it to your specific needs.

Find your camera's internal IP address through it's app or check your firewall/router's DHCP table.

  1. Setup your Firewall/Router: Redirect external requests coming outside your network so they can reach your camera's IP.

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