๐ŸงชCurrent Status - Explainer

We are currently in Phase 2, an exciting stage where users have the opportunity to add their camera feeds and contribute valuable data that will be used for future data mining and analysis.

During Phase 2, we encourage users to participate by adding their camera feeds, as it plays a crucial role in expanding the network's coverage and capabilities. The more camera feeds we have on the testnet, the richer and more diverse the data pool becomes, enabling us to extract meaningful insights and drive impactful solutions.

By joining Phase 2 and sharing your camera feed, you are actively contributing to the growth and development of Elumicate's network. Your participation is instrumental in shaping the future of our platform and bringing us closer to our vision of a data-driven world.

Different onboarding methods will be available for both existing and newly purchased devices, ensuring that users can easily connect their cameras to the network. We will be offering new onboarding methods as phase 2 progresses.

It is important to note that all reward tokens earned during Phase 2 and the preceding phases are valid and will retain their value. These tokens will be available to be transferred freely on the blockchain at a later date once the token has been launched. This means that users can accumulate tokens during pre-launch phases and have the assurance that their earned rewards will be preserved and accessible when the network reaches its full launch.

Previous phases

During the BETA and Phase 1 stages of Elumicate, the mining software was deployed and tested on Windows 10 computers located worldwide. This testing phase allowed the team to evaluate the capabilities and functionalities of the software in real-world scenarios and identify any potential issues or challenges. By operating the software on a diverse range of computers and locations, the team gained valuable insights and feedback that helped them address and resolve key issues promptly. This rigorous testing process was crucial for ensuring the stability and effectiveness of the mining software before moving forward to the next phases of development.

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