What's a worker

To facilitate the efficient completion of various tasks on our network, we have implemented a rewards system that revolves around the concept of "workers." These workers are not traditional employees but virtual entities that represent the allocation of resources and rewards for specific job assignments.
Worker in action
The network requires a range of tasks to be completed in order to be successful including streaming video feeds, processing video data through AI detection, referring friends, acquiring NFTs, and much more. Each of these tasks is associated with a designated number of worker(s), who diligently perform their assigned responsibilities, thereby contributing to the overall functionality and effectiveness of the platform.
The allocation of workers ensures the fair distribution of network rewards, thereby optimizing the performance of our network. These workers are assigned based on the specific requirements of each task, taking into consideration factors such as expertise, availability, and task complexity.
By rewarding these virtual workers for their accomplished work, we create a strong incentive for active network participation, fostering a thriving ecosystem. The rewards offered are directly proportional to the successful completion of tasks, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of benefits among our community members.