Add a Camera using a Raspberry Pi

Turn your Raspberry Pi into an broadcasting device using VDO.
We've partnered with VDO.Ninja to make onboarding as quick and easy as possible.
By utilizing VDO.Ninja, no bandwidth is used for streaming to Elumicate unless cameras are actively being mined.

Hardware requirements

Raspberry Pi with a CSI-connected camera + Micro SD + Power block
Raspberry Pi
CSI Camera
A good Micro SD Card
Raspberry Pi Power Block
Note: USB-based cameras currently struggle with older Raspberry Pi models. We recommend the use of an Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB.

How to setup your Camera with your Raspberry Pi

  1. 1.
    Download the image file (*.img) & burn it on to your Micro SD Card
  2. 2.
    Boot up your Rpi (Raspberry Pi) with your new Micro SD Card
  3. 3.
    Log in using username: vdo & password: ninja
  4. 4.
    Run the command: python3 publish.py
  5. 5.
    Grab the link -> share it with us by onboarding your camera to the Elumicate Portal

Access the detailed procedure here: https://github.com/steveseguin/raspberry_ninja