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The Elumicate Referral System

The referral system is designed to reward individuals for helping spread the word about our platform. When you refer others to join and activate their cameras on The Elumicate network, you can earn valuable bonuses and contribute to the growth of our community.

Here's how The Elumicate Referral System works:

  1. Referral Bonus for First Active Camera Feed: When someone you refer activates their camera feed on The Elumicate network, both you and the referee will receive a 10% bonus. This bonus corresponds to 0.1 workers and serves as an incentive for your referrals to get started.

  2. Bonus for Referrals' Active Cameras: In addition to the initial referral bonus received when signing up using someone else's referral code, you will also receive a 10% bonus for every active camera set up by your referrals. This ongoing bonus allows you to earn rewards continuously as your referrals add more cameras to The Elumicate network.

  3. Maximum Bonus Limit: The Elumicate Referral System allows you to earn up to 10 extra workers through your referees' sign-ups. This means that if your referrals set up a maximum of 100 cameras, you can earn a maximum of 10 additional workers as bonuses.

By participating in The Elumicate Referral System, you not only increase your own worker level but also contribute to the growth and effectiveness of The Elumicate network. Together, we can make a greater impact and create a brighter future.

Start referring today and unlock the full potential of The Elumicate. Spread the word, earn rewards, and become an integral part of our community-owned network.

Note: The referral bonuses and maximum limits mentioned are subject to change and may be adjusted based on The Elumicate's policies and guidelines.

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